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Toilet wet wipes are popular because users want a quick and thorough cleaning after defecation. But doctors as well as environmental organisations and the water industry advise against wet wipes.

Bad for the skin and the environment

Why you should never use toilet wipes!
The manufacturers of lotion-soaked wipes promise that they are particularly gentle and that they clean and care for the sensitive skin on the buttocks. Unfortunately, this does not quite correspond to reality. ÖKO-TEST has already tested moist toilet paper of various brands several times and has always come to the same conclusion: Not one of the tested products is recommendable!

The reason for this is the many harmful substances contained in all the tested wipes, which remain on the skin with the lotion. This starts with lots of preservatives, which are absolutely necessary so that the wet wipe boxes are not teeming with bacteria. Many products are also scented to add to the deceptive feeling of cleanliness they try to convey. Neither preservatives nor perfume are suitable for the sensitive anal skin in the sensitive butt area - on the contrary, they cause skin irritation and itching.

Conclusion: No wipe is good and can be recommended for use without hesitation. From a health perspective alone, toilet wipes are not recommended.

Bad for the sewage system

There is always a risk that toilet wipes will clog sewage pipes. They also pollute the sewage system and make treatment more difficult. While conventional toilet paper decomposes quickly in wastewater and thus reaches the sewage treatment plant quickly, wet wipes with their synthetic fibres made of polymers, non-woven fabrics and viscose do not decompose and clog the wastewater pumps of sewage treatment plants. ÖKO-TEST has already pointed out this problem several times.

Our solution:

A hygiene foam that is easy to use, moistens the toilet paper without softening it and does not unnecessarily pollute the environment:

  • without preservatives
  • without alcohol
  • without fragrances
  • pH-neutral
  • with natural ingredients, such as bisabolol, panthenol, allantoin and aloe vera
  • vegan
  • biodegradable

The innovative Apres "Po" and easy clean hygiene foam is an ecological alternative to the problematic wet wipes. The foam is simply sprayed onto normal toilet paper and the "wet toilet paper" is ready. The formulation is ideal for responsible and healthy hygiene of the buttocks and intimate areas.

Apres "Po" and easy clean are available with a convenient dispenser for use at home, on the go and as a professional hygiene solution with a sensor dispenser for hotels, restaurants, care facilities, ...

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