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Apres "Po"

The ecological alternative to wet wipes.

Apres "Po" is the brand for a healthy and well-groomed anal area for women, men and children. During product development, we took a close look at anal care, haemorrhoids, butt hair and increased skin wrinkles. Since conventional wet wipes often contain fragrances and preservatives and cause massive environmental pollution, we have found a solution that can simply be used with normal toilet paper.

Apres "Po" - easy to use, kind to the skin and the environment and much cheaper than wet wipes.

Apres "Po" - hygiene foam  Apres "Po" Baby & Child - hygiene foam

easy clean

Disinfection and care products

easy clean is the brand for high-quality and mild hand disinfection. The removal of bacteria and viruses from the hands is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of increased infections. The formulation meets the WHO specifications against COVID-19 viruses. This product line with special hygiene products for home, travel and professional use will be further expanded.

Easy clean - disinfectant spray   Easy clean - hygiene foam

easy sept

Gentle care & hand hygiene in one

easy sept is the brand for a new generation of hand hygiene, whose products are both skin-caring and effective against bacteria and viruses. Especially in pandemic times, hygiene and constant hand washing are particularly important - no matter whether you have to disinfect your hands constantly for professional reasons, e.g. because you work in medicine or nursing, or whether you want to protect yourself privately. For the skin, this means stress and the hands become dry and chapped. With easy sept we combine hygiene and hand care - in one application: simply antiseptic.

easy sept - hand hygiene & care foam


Efficient cleaning for hearing aids, electronics, microtechnology, ...

maxxiclean - is the specialist for cleaning hearing aids. Our system solution includes hearing aid cleaning spray, disinfection and cleaning wipes as well as dry air compressed air spray. But these products can do more: the system care is ideal for cleaning electronic devices, precision mechanics, microphones, musical instruments and much more.

maxxiclean - Air-Compressed     Air Spray maxxiclean - Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray

maxxiclean - disinfection & cleaning wipes


Professional solutions with sensor dispensers - for clinics, retirement homes, gastronomy ...

SENSOMAXX dispenser systems are a hygienic and extremely economical alternative for professional applications. The touch-free dispensers dispense precisely and minimise consumption costs. For your guests, customers, residents and patients, use is very convenient and safe. The sensor dispensers are suitable for the increasingly important hand hygiene as well as for our hygiene foam for the bottom.

SENSOMAXX - Hand disinfectant spray SENSOMAXX - Caring hygiene foam for the hands SENSOMAXX - Hygiene foam for the bottom

easy Night

Simply fall asleep well

The easy Night brand combines products for people with problems falling asleep. During sleep, the entire body recovers and the immune system draws new strength. That is why it is very stressful for many people when they cannot fall asleep and the entire sleep rhythm can be disturbed. easy Night is based on the active ingredient melatonin, a natural "sleep hormone" that ensures quick and deep relaxation.

easy Night - sleep gel

Doggy`s Wash

Grooming products for dogs

Doggy's Wash is our brand of grooming hygiene products for dogs. This includes our practical helper after the walk. The hygiene foam gently cleans the anal area and keeps the carpet and upholstery in the house clean. Thanks to bisabolol, aloe vera and panthenol, the dog's sensitive skin area is cared for, inflammation is prevented and itching is relieved.

Doggy's Wash - "Po" Foam

Kitty`s Wash

Care products for cats

The Kitty's Wash brand stands for improved hygiene for cats, tomcats, kittens, house cats, ... They may be considered particularly clean, but there are many reasons why especially sensitive skin areas should be given extra cleaning.

Kitty's Wash - "butt" foam

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