Kitty´s Wash • Po-Schaum

Kitty's Wash "Butt" Foam is for kittens, cats, tomcats, house pets

Cats are considered particularly clean, but when they leave the litter tray and loll on the sofa, they are often not so clean yet. Therefore, Kitty' Wash is an ideal helper to additionally clean the sensitive cat bottom. In addition to hygienic cleanliness, bisabolol, allantoin, panthenol and aloe vera provide relief from non-disease or hereditary inflammation and itching. Kitty`s Wash is a responsible care with natural ingredients in a vegan formulation.

The foam is easy to dispense and can be used with normal paper towels or toilet paper. Thanks to the special foam formula, the paper does not soak through.

Kitty's Wash "Po" Foam is alcohol-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free; rated "very good" by DERMATEST.

Available as:

  • Combi box with 100 ml "Po" foam, 1 cat toy with catnip, 10 paper tissues.
  • 100 ml refill box

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This product is also available as private label with your logo. (Minimum order quantity: 5,000 units)