MaxxiClean • Hörgeräte Reinigungsspray

Easy and thorough cleaning of hearing aid, electronics and microtechnology

Our classic: The special cleaning fluid was developed for cleaning hearing aids & electronic parts.
Cleaning with the attached cleaning brush is easy and effortlessly removes cerumen deposits from hearing aids and prevents blockages of the sound channels.

By lightly pressing the spray head, the cleaning brush is moistened with the active ingredient. Then simply brush off the dirty parts with the damp brush.

Further advantages:

  • Fast and residue-free evaporation of the active ingredient
  • No moist residues, no additional drying
  • The spray has an antibacterial and disinfecting effect

Available as:

  • 50 ml
    (Shipping unit: display of 30)

Purchase options:

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This product is also available as a private label with your logo.