MaxxiClean • Air-Druckluft-Spray

For special drying of the sound tube of hearing aids. Also ideal for electronics, microtechnology, keyboards, mobile phones, watches, ...

Cleaning and drying with dry air only. The compressed air spray is suitable for almost everything that needs to be dust-free and dry. Handling is very easy because the nozzle sprays dry air upright, horizontally, upside down, i.e. always in any position. With the hearing aid, the adapter tip is inserted into the hose and the spray head is actuated. The dry air reliably removes the moisture in the sound tube. We recommend regular use to clean and maintain the hearing aid for long and trouble-free use.

The capillary tube makes it possible to position the compressed air exactly. Therefore, the maxxiclean compressed air spray is also ideal for cleaning many other components.

Available as:

  • 100 ml
    (Shipping unit: 12-pack VE)

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