ApresPo • Hygieneschaum

Popo foam for the sensitive skin in the diaper area

As all parents know, the diaper area of our little ones is particularly stressed and sensitive. It can quickly become inflamed due to various causes.

With a toilet paper or cosmetic tissue moistened with Apres "PO", the baby and child's bottom is cleaned and also cared for at the same time. The butt foam is pH neutral and contains natural ingredients such as bisabolol, panthenol, allantoin and aloe vera, which have an anti-inflammatory and healing effect. The gentle and mild care foam helps with irritated butt skin and relieves itching.

The "Apres "Po" Poposchaum is very easy to use: The foam is sprayed onto the normal toilet paper or cosmetic tissue - to distribute over a wide area, gently fold the paper once and open again - the "wet wipe" is ready. The toilet paper is only slightly moistened by the foam, does not soften and remains tear-resistant.


Available sizes:

  • 100 ml starter set (hygiene foam and dispenser)
  • 100 ml as refill can

↑ packed in display or presenter

  • 250 ml starter set (hygiene foam and sensor dispenser), approx. 750 applications
  • 250 ml refill can

Bulk packs for day-care centres, clinics, etc.


Purchase options:

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This product is also available as a private label with your logo. (Minimum order quantity: 5,000 units)