SensoMax • Handdesinfektion

Hand hygiene & care in one - with practical sensor dispenser for commercial use

Whether in gastronomy, hotels, care facilities or clinics - the reduction of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms has been an important topic not only since the COVID 19 pandemic. But frequent hand washing and disinfecting puts a strain on the skin, which is why we have designed our hand foam to care for and protect at the same time.

easy sept helps dry, chapped and cracked skin with its moisturising and moisturising properties. With 60% ethanol, the hand hygiene foam is effective against bacteria and viruses. easy sept care foam is a protective and high-quality care product for everyday and professional use. The nourishing and revitalising kneading foam dissolves quickly on warm skin, is absorbed immediately and makes the skin silky smooth.

With this dispenser system, hygiene measures become more comfortable for staff, customers, patients and residents and more cost-effective for operators because the hand hygiene care foam is dosed more sparingly.

Available as:

  • 250 ml combi-pack of hand hygiene foam and sensor dispenser (sufficient for up to 750 applications, ideal for smaller objects such as boarding houses, offices or private households)
  • 250 ml refill pack
  • 400 ml combipack hand hygiene foam and sensor dispenser (sufficient for up to 1200 applications, ideal for trade, department stores, hotels, gastronomy, industry, medical practices, care facilities, clinics ...)
  • 400 ml cartridge as refill pack

Purchase options:

Hotels, gastronomy, industry, offices, care facilities, clinics as well as service providers and bulk buyers for cleaning and hygiene: Contact »

This product is also available as private label with your logo. (Minimum order quantity: 2500 units)

The patented automatic sensor dispenser also doses our hygiene foam for the buttocks and the hand disinfectant spray efficiently and economically.